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Work stress, family stress, emotional stress, stress from bills to be paid, and a lot are stresses we face every day. Stress has become a part of life. Millions of people live in a state of constant pressure, and according to the American Institute of Stress, about thirty-three percent of people report feeling extreme stress ( Stress and causes of stress are so numerous that one is tempted to declare one stressor more significant than another. 

With an understanding of the adverse effects of stress on a person’s physical and mental health, many individuals seek ways to reduce stress. However, many people go about it the wrong way. People rely on unhealthy behaviors like smoking and frequent alcohol use as a way to manage stress without knowing that this is a harmful practice. According to Drinkaware (, although alcohol may help people deal with stress in the short term, in the long term, it can cause a feeling of anxiety and depression and make the pressure more difficult with which to deal. People who drink or smoke heavily are more likely to suffer from mental health problems.

If smoking and drinking aren’t effective against stress, what is?

Natural Stress Management Supplements!

The Power of Herbal Stress Management Supplements in the Management of Stress and Improvement of Sleep Quality

Natural supplements are an easy, cost-effective way to manage stress if the right dosage is maintained. If you’re seeking the best way to manage stress and improve sleep quality, we’ve outlined some of the most effective natural ingredients for managing stress and anxiety.

Valerian Root

According to the American Journal of Medicine (, Valerian root has been widely used in the treatment of sleep disorders in Europe and across the world for many years. Besides being used for sleep disorder treatment, it’s also used to help with nervousness, anxiety, and sleep disturbances. Because of the herb’s calming and sedative effect, it’s also used widely as a de-stressing nutrient.

Mint Powder

Mint powder is widely used as a traditional therapy because of its relaxation effect and potent antioxidant properties, as highlighted by Phytotherapy Research ( It’s one of the most widely consumed single ingredient herbal teas. It has significant antioxidant properties that have been proven to have substantial effects on reducing stress and improving sleep.

Passiflora Powder

Passiflora powder is one of the most effective natural ingredients used as a gentle sedative for sleep difficulties and to reduce anxiety, neurasthenia, and nervous disorders, according to Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health ( The nutrient is widely used in different countries for years and has been proven to be highly effective in managing stress.

Licorice Root

This root is another useful natural substance with strong properties in reducing stress and anxiety in humans. The substance reduces stress by giving the adrenal gland some relief from the daily pressure humans face. It stimulates the gland, which consequently promotes a healthy level of cortisol in the body, according to Healthline ( 


Ashwagandha is another herb found highly useful as a natural stress relief supplement, as highlighted by the Food Revolution Network ( ). The herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 2500 years and is used to help balance fatigue, stress, exhaustion, depression, and nervous tension. Ashwagandha, just like other adaptogens, gives calm and clarity by promoting balance in the body systems. They calm you down and boost your energy without overstimulating you.

Conclusively, unlike many believe, alcohol, smoke, drugs, and the like are less effective against stress and anxiety management; even drugs have unpleasant side effects. However, with natural supplements for stress management, you’re sure to manage your stress and anxiety level while improving the quality of your sleepNatural supplements have real power when it comes to stress management and sleep quality improvement.

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